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Meeting David
Gaby's David Dellucci site!

August 4, 2001 <----My Lucky Day!

On August 4th 2001 @ Bank One Ballpark during the game against the New York Mets, they announced that Dellucci was going to be at a Nissan Dealership in Glendale (Phoenix) one hour and a 1/2 after the game. Next thing I knew, I was holding an 8 x 10 Dellucci picture and my "I LOVE #25 DELLUCCI" sign that's always up in my room! And of course, I was wearing my DELLUCCI shirt. It took about an hour to FINALLY meet him! I don't think I could EVER explain exactly how I felt when I saw him looking at me with a BIG SMILE! He told me that my sign was very neat. I was the ONLY one there with one! He wrote his autograph on the heart of the sign and afterwards he was nice enough to sign my shirt! I also mentioned this web site.  He PROMISED to take a look at it.  Which now I know he has done so.  Meeting David has been one of the luckiest days of my entire lifetime! And I know that I will NEVER EVER forget it, no matter what! He was extremely nice! I will remain forever grateful.






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